Scourge the Hedgehog is a YouTube troll who doesn't use the blocking filter. He has spammed this Wiki several times. He also has a YouTube account by the name of "MagicLucario" (formerly MagicRiolu) [handed over], and 2 deviantArt accounts "duskn" (now deactivated) and "RoxasTheNumberXIII" (inactive).

Scourge The Hedgehog

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SCOURGExTHExHEDGEHOG, MagicLucario, duskn -


June 7th, 2009 -

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June 7th, 2009 - 2011


Scourge the Hedgehog.

Before Christmas 2010 (Dec. 9th), however, Scourge (on deviantArt) apologized to GWizard because he is more focused on gaming than he was on trolling random people. The apology was declined, and Scourge did not say a word afterwards.